Monday, January 30, 2012

Assalamualaikum ladies!

always great to come here.
i am preparing something big (well, at least for me, sorry for the lebayness) and it has something to do with "Humaira". Hopefully everything going well, and Allah bless me all the way, amien.
Well, it's not an update for the shop, i haven't restock yet....still take a short break and concentrates on emptying some last pieces heheehe.... Insha Allah i'll restock with some great stuffs either next week or the next week, not later than that i promise.

just wanna share pic of Sarah when she's 1 months old.... oh i love her so mucho mucho

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tie Dye Hoodie Vest

I Looove this!
Tie Dye Hoodie Vest @Rp. 130,000,-
available in two patterns

Pattern A

Pattern B

Tie Dye Maxi Skirt

Tie Dye Maxi Skirt @Rp. 140,000
available in two patterns
Pattern A

Pattern B

Tie Dye Batwing Cardigan

Tie Dye Batwing Cardigan
@Rp. 130,000,-

Tie Dye Cargo Pants

It's my personal favorite :)
Tiedye Cargo Pant @Rp. 150,000

Tie Dye Wide Leg Pants

Tie Dye Wide Leg Pants @Rp. 150,000
available in two patterns

Pattern A

Pattern B

Tie Dye Baloon Top

Tie Dye Baloon Top @Rp. 130,000

Tie Dye Jumpsuit

available in two patterns
 Pattern A SOLD OUT!

Pattern B 

Tie Dye Jumpsuit @Rp. 175,000,-

Re-stock! Multiway Vest

our another best selling items: Multiway Vest
now in more colors: Black (two more left), Light grey (1 more left), Army green, brown, light purple
 Multiway Vest @Rp. 95,000

Tutorial on how to rock your multiway vest in sooo many ways! i have found 8 styles, can you find more?

New Items: Instant Cotton Hijab

for me these products are blessing. yup, i'm one of those woman who want to put on my hijab within minutes but still look great. the so-called popular instant hijab that are in the market is a big no no for me.
it makes me chubbyand worse, it makes me look like emak-emak. yiiuuh.
so, this instant cotton hijab is the answer to my more bad-kerudung-day! yay!

Instant Cotton Hijab @Rp. 50,000
Available in: Light purple, black, tosca, dusty pink, navy blue
SOLD OUT!, Thank You!

 this is me wearing instant cotton hijab light purple

and now, this is how it looks like when it's open

 although you won't need it since wearing it so easy it's only takes less than 2 minutes, but this is the tutorial

We also provides this instant cotton shawl with beads, for glamours look :)
Instant cotton shawl with beads @Rp. 55,000,-
available in: light grey, light purple and broken white
SOLD OUT!, Thank You!

Re-stock! Glittery Shawl

one of our most favorite items is now available again in more colors! go grab it girls!
 Glittery Shawl @Rp. 70,000
available colors: black, green, pink, light blue, maroon red, purple, grey, brown, light pink, light purple

Monday, January 9, 2012

Glittery Shawl

Tosca @Rp. 70,000

Gold @Rp. 70,000

Pink @Rp. 70,000 SOLD OUT!

Soft Green @Rp. 70,000 SOLD OUT!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tie Dye Dress

@Rp. 235,000
SOLD OUT, Thank You!

Stripes Bloomy Harem Pants

Stripes are SOLD OUT, Thank You!
Black still available

Black&White Stripes Bloomy Harem Pants @Rp. 100,000
also available in Black Color


Multiway Vest

Grey @Rp. 95,000 SOLD OUT, THANK YOU!

@Rp. 95,000

@Rp. 95,000

Georgeous Brooch

@Rp. 20,000
still available: Tosca Polkadot & Brown Flower with Blue Fringe
Brown Polkadot, Grey with Pink Flower,Pink with Blue Flower & Maroon with Pink Flowers are SOLD OUT! Thank You!

Ninja Inner

Grey, Blue (sold out), White, Black, Red, Pink, Soft Purple, Green, Brown, Tosca
@Rp. 30,000

Tie Dye Shawl


Green & Blue @Rp, 65,000 SOLD OUT!

Pink & Blue @Rp. 65,000

Purple Painting @Rp. 65,000 SOLD OUT!

Blue Painting @Rp. 65,000 SOLD OUT!

Pastel Orange @Rp. 65,000 SOLD OUT!

Pastel Rainbow @Rp. 65,000

Pastel Bubble Gum @Rp. 65,000 SOLD OUT!

Pastel Daisy @Rp. 65,000

Our New Items are available now!

Happy Shopping!

Bloomy Harem Pants

Black&White Stripes Bloomy Harem Pants @Rp. 100,000
also available in Black Colour
White/Silver Glittery Shawl @Rp. 70,000

Tie Dye Cardigan

I like to wear it casual. Jeans, Tshirt and KneeLength boots are the great companions.
But, you can also wear it elegantly, just put maxi dress underneath and voila! you are ready to go

Tie Dye Cardigan @Rp. 175,000 (it's on sale and only 1pcs left!)

Tie Dye Dress

Tie Dye Dress @Rp. 235,000

Multiway Vest

you can wear it many ways, just use your imagination and play with the vest!

Multiway Vest @Rp. 95,000
Georgeous Brooch @Rp. 25,000

I have found 8 styles so far, can you find more styles to wear it? share with me, i'll post your creation in "Your Styles" page. Pinky promise! ^_^