Friday, January 13, 2012

New Items: Instant Cotton Hijab

for me these products are blessing. yup, i'm one of those woman who want to put on my hijab within minutes but still look great. the so-called popular instant hijab that are in the market is a big no no for me.
it makes me chubbyand worse, it makes me look like emak-emak. yiiuuh.
so, this instant cotton hijab is the answer to my more bad-kerudung-day! yay!

Instant Cotton Hijab @Rp. 50,000
Available in: Light purple, black, tosca, dusty pink, navy blue
SOLD OUT!, Thank You!

 this is me wearing instant cotton hijab light purple

and now, this is how it looks like when it's open

 although you won't need it since wearing it so easy it's only takes less than 2 minutes, but this is the tutorial

We also provides this instant cotton shawl with beads, for glamours look :)
Instant cotton shawl with beads @Rp. 55,000,-
available in: light grey, light purple and broken white
SOLD OUT!, Thank You!

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