Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grab this cute tops!

@IDR 130,000,-

@IDR 130,000,-

@IDR 130,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-

@IDR 120,000,-


Kaftan Satin
@IDR 200,000,-

@IDR 175,000,-

@IDR 175,000,-

@IDR 175,000,-

@IDR 175,000,-

@IDR 125,000,-

Please don't forget to quote number when you place order, thank you!


Cute Brooches!
@IDR 15,000,- only
Please quote number when you place order, thank you.

Flowery Shawl

Flowery Shawl
No: S1, S2, S3, S6, S7, S10, S11 are Chiffon
No. S4,S5,S8,S9 are knitted
Price: IDR 30,000,- only
Please quote number when you place order, thank you.

Polkadot Chiffon Shawl

Polkadot Chiffon Shawl
@IDR 30,000,- only
Please quote the number when you place order, Thank you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We're OPEN!


We're finally open at July 20th! so happy and excited!
we have so many great items that i can't help to take one for myself hehehe...
i will post some items that i sold online, soon.
Please come to our store... you're gonna love it, i promise.

House of Humaira
ITC Cempaka Mas 3rd Floor, Block I No. 729J


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coming Soon! our offline store!

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb,

Hallo dear customers and visitors!
we are preparing our offline store right now, yup! now you who lived in Jakarta, Indonesia can visit ut at our offline store. or, you who lived in other city or abroad may someday will visit us and silaturrahim, Insha Allah.

We are looking forward for your visit in our store:

House of Humaira
Chic Moslem Fashion
ITC Cempaka Mas 3rd Floor, Block I No. 729J

Come..come... and find great stuff here. i will also be in the store from time to time and when i'm there i will provide Hijab Tutorial for buyers :)
so, wait no more! visit us!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hello there...

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb,

first of all, i wanna thank you dear customers who keep visiting this ol shop eventho we haven't updated for (suach-a-long) while. hehehe some of you even  being so kind dropping me email asking about stock of some items. i really appreciate it, really.
Due to series of bazaar event we are struggling to fulfil our goods stocks here and there. that's why we cannot spare some items for this online shop :(, we're sorry for that.

we promise to re-stock as soon as we can. :)
thank you for dear customers and visitors from Indonesia, Malaysia, & Singapore who's being so kind to say hello and keep coming to this blog. thank you!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Mad Market Family Bazaar

Visit "House of Humaira" in booth no. 23
See ya there!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bazaar Mad Market 2-3 June 2012 @Futsal Pondok Indah


House of Humaira will join Bazaar Event in Mad Market Midyear Family Bazaar on 2-3 June 2012 in ArenaPro Futsal in Pondok Indah. The venue is around 100m from Pondok Indah Mall 1, so it's easy peasy to find.
We'll be there in Stand no. 23 from 10am to 8pm. please drop by and enjoy our special discount.
Yup, u heard it right! Special DISCOUNT. all items are up to 25% discount. and we have special price for non-discounted items.
we also have 10% voucher discount for every purchase minimum IDR 200,000 that you can use on your next purchase. isn't it great?!
well, i bet you are curious, with our items at the bazaar. we didn't upload it first until after the bazaar, but, we have something special for you, our loyal customer... herewith our 10% discount voucher that you can print and bring to the Bazaar to enjoy the special price. Just remember, this voucher only valid for your 2nd purchase after you shop for IDR 200,000,- in our booth.

here it goes!

Enjoy the voucher, and we'll see you in the Bazaar!

Monday, April 30, 2012

handmade brooch

another creations of "Kiky Mizanie"

we have 7 variants of these cutie, don't forget to quote the number when you order.

Price: IDR 25,000,-

we're back with my own design


well it's been a looooong while :) i was busy with my study, and a biiiiiit lazy to update this blog/shop. actually the shop still running offline.
well, now i'm back with new item. I've produced cute shawl in lovely colors.

here goes.

Carissa Shawl
Material : High Quality chiffon
Size: 175cm x 60xm
Available Colors: Forrest Green -purple (reversible)
Price: IDR 100,000,-

update: only 1 pcs left! Thanks for your purchase ladies!

Sarah Shawl
Material : Double hycon
Size: 2M x 60xm
Available Colors: Tosca Green, Purple, Sky Blue, Pinkish Red
Price: IDR 55,000,-

update on the available items

Purple - only 1 pieces left!

Pinkish Red -SOLD OUT!

sky Blue - only 1 pieces left!

Tosca Green - Sold out!

Models: my sisters (Sheilla & Indah)
Make Up Artist: me
Photographer & stylist: me
photo editting: me (again hihi)