Monday, April 30, 2012

we're back with my own design


well it's been a looooong while :) i was busy with my study, and a biiiiiit lazy to update this blog/shop. actually the shop still running offline.
well, now i'm back with new item. I've produced cute shawl in lovely colors.

here goes.

Carissa Shawl
Material : High Quality chiffon
Size: 175cm x 60xm
Available Colors: Forrest Green -purple (reversible)
Price: IDR 100,000,-

update: only 1 pcs left! Thanks for your purchase ladies!

Sarah Shawl
Material : Double hycon
Size: 2M x 60xm
Available Colors: Tosca Green, Purple, Sky Blue, Pinkish Red
Price: IDR 55,000,-

update on the available items

Purple - only 1 pieces left!

Pinkish Red -SOLD OUT!

sky Blue - only 1 pieces left!

Tosca Green - Sold out!

Models: my sisters (Sheilla & Indah)
Make Up Artist: me
Photographer & stylist: me
photo editting: me (again hihi)

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