Thursday, February 16, 2012

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I just created another blog for my personal record, review and rants :D

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Monday, February 6, 2012


Rectangle Shawls @IDR 50,000,-

1. Abstract Blue

2. Abstract Tosca

3. Flowery Blue-Pink

4. Blue Paisley

5. Pale Green Paisley

6. Purple Paisley 

Glittery Shawl - Restock

Glittery Shawl @IDR 70,000,-/pcs

available colors: maroon, baby pink, beige, rainbow purple, rainbow blue and rainbow black

Tie Dye cotton inner

Tie Dye Cotton Inner
@IDR 35,000,-/pcs

Please quote the number when you order!







Jumpsuit Set

Purple Jumpsuit set @IDR 185,000
it consist of :
- Long sleeve turtleneck
-wide leg pant jumpsuit
what a bargain isn't it?...go grab it while it last!

here's the closer look of the hijab, i mix the inner, the bandana and put the flower brooch as head accessory, not bad right? you can create many style with it.

Beanie miney moo

This tunic is a simple yet stylish way to impress... it's easy to mix- and match & it has cool cutting that makes you looks slender.
it's rainy season, so make sure you wear something comfortable, warm but still stylish!

i'm wearing:
Light Grey Tunic available in my store @IDR 75,000,-
Beanie Beige also available in my store @IDR 25,000,-

Here's the color selection for the cotton shirt tunic:

White, light grey, light purple, dark purple, dark blue,yellow mustard, Dark Brown
@IDR 75,000,-

Closer look of the Beanie
@IDR 25,000,-

available in two colors:
Creme and Hot Pink @25,000,-

Sunset Tie Dye Dress

This dress flows and smooth... i really love it!

Sunset Tie Dye Dress @IDR 175,000,-

New Items - Instant Turban with Shawl

I loooove this "instant-instant things" hehehe apa siih...
but seriously, i really love things that is easy but not cheesy. especially me as new mom, ehem.. i need something practical while i'm running around chasing my 17th months old, juggling with my job and design assignments.
After instant cotton shawl this next thing is also my favorite.

Material: Cotton Spandex, super comfy!
Available in two colors: Dark blue with light purple bonnet & Light purple with dark blue bonnet
Price: IDR 55,000,-

and now, to show you how easy peasy to use it, here comes the tutorial *gaya!

wear your ninja inner, it's available in our store @ IDR 30,000

put the bonnet on first at your most convenient position

see the shawl is at the same length?

take one side and bring to the other side by crossing it

Tuck in the rest below the shawl and you can pin it to make it secure

Now, the other side (long one) bring it front and twist!

Bring the tip to the other side and tuck in with the rest of the shawl that you just pin down.

take a brooch, brooch also available in our store @IDR 25,000,-/pcs

see... just like that

et voila! you are ready to go! easy rite?

here's the selection of the brooch:

Just quote the number when you order. all broch price @IDR 25,000

so, happy shopping ladies!
Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh